I'm going nowhere Going nowhere fast


Most probably staying


Guys still haven’t decided whether to go to uni or not ahjj

Heyoo! I think you should write a list of pro's and con's of staying at uni or leaving and doing somthing else and have a real big think about what will make you happy, especially in the long run. Because happiness is the key to life and you have to make sure that are, regardless to what people might say if you drop out. Good luck, I hope you reach a conclusion xxx

A question by Anonymous

You are the kindest and most helpful anon I have ever met xxxxx


well people of the internet, i’m just really confused about uni life right now, its just really stressing me out…. like am i doing the right course… like i don’t reall enjoy it all but maybe i should stick it out but on the other hand im torn! 

please help me! give me advice (message me)